Zambia - China Flag
Zambia - China Flag

Zambia’s strengthening of bilateral relations with China will continue to improve the economic growth of the Southern African nation, for the benefit of its citizenry, a trade unionist said here on Saturday.

Zambia Congress of Trade Union Luanshya district chairman Tresford Chikopela said Zambia must highly value China because of the Asian country’s support to Zambia in various economic sectors.


China and Zambia’s bilateral cooperation went as far back as the 1960s.

He cited the Tanzania Zambia Railway as one of the infrastructure projects that was built by China to open up a route for Zambia to the sea coast.

Chikopela further called on China to increase investment to Zambia especially in the energy sector to help mitigate future climate change effects.

“Currently Zambia is facing power deficit so it is in this regard that, we as a labour movement would appeal to our all-weather friendly China to invest more in the energy sector in Zambia,” he said.

He commended the Chinese contractors currently undertaking various projects in Zambia for transferring skills to the Zambian workers.

“Chinese people are highly skilled, so it is my wish that the Chinese people should continue to transfer some of these skills to Zambian workers,” he said.

Zambian worker Micheal Chewe who had worked with the Chinese firm, AVIC international during the construction of the police housing units in Luanshya, appreciated having worked with the Chinese and learnt skills in construction.

Chewe said he enjoyed having worked with the Chinese during the building of the police units in the district.

“Their work culture is great, they have a spirit of team work, they are excellent people in terms of commitment to duty, ” he said.

Chewe urged young Zambian people to emulate the work culture of the Chinese people if Zambia is to develop. Enditem


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