Government is working to ensure that the ban on the export of scraps metal is effective to make ferrous metals available to feed the local industry.

Spio-GarbrahDr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, Minister for Trade and Industry, who was answering questions on the floor of Parliament, on Tuesday, said that a nine-member ferrous Scrap Monitoring Committee since its inauguration a year ago had resolved most of the problems that prompt scrap dealers to attempt export of the metals.


The questioned was posed by Mr Osei Bonsu Amoah, the Member of Parliament for Akuapim South, who wanted to know the steps taken by the Ministry to enforce the ban on expo

Despite the law banning the export of scrap metals, L.I. 2201, 2013, that came into force in April 30, 2013, there is still an appetite for illegal export of the ferrous scraps and srap metals.

Dr Spio-Garbrah said the committee, despite its short existence, had been able to curb illegal export of ferrous metals, but the Committee needed to do more to ensure total compliance with the law.

He said notwithstanding smuggling being a problem for the Government, his Ministry was hopeful that the Committee, working in tandem with the relevant stakeholders, would be able to control illegal export of scrap metal and bring perpetrators to book.

The Minister said the Committee intended adopting the Ivorian and Nigeria strategies that had ensured zero-export of scrap metals from those countries.

The Committee would also, he said, periodically visit scrap yards to inspect their facilities and to educate them on best practices.

Dr Spio-Garbrah told the House that the Committee was collaborating with the Millers Association to make provisions for foundries to process the cast iron which comes with scraps to prevent dealers from attempting to export them.

He said the Committee was also working with the Millers Association to enable them to improve upon their pricing regime and payment terms to encourage scrap dealers to develop faith in the local market.

Mr Amoah, however, sought to clarify a point in the Minister?s answer, as published in the day?s Order Paper, to the effect that the Committee, whose membership is derived from key stakeholders in the industry, foiled an attempt to export containers fully laden with ferrous scraps,

But the Minister said that issue was in the domain of the security services and that he would avail himself to the House at another time to give full disclosure on the matter.



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