In making your online shopping experience a memorable one, Trade Fabs brings to you an e-commerce platform where you can shop, promote, sell and get all your material needs from an African root.

Possibly in an era where technology and the increase use of internet is making life more easier, where you will surely be able to have a feel of this growth when you are able to fully utilize its possibilities.

According to Trade Fabs, “after carefully studying the fashion market in Ghana we noticed that there’s a large number of talented designers in the country but these designers face similar challenges which is not having a platform to promote, market and sell their creative and amazing designs.

“The challenges can be linked to the fact that most of these designers do not have solid laid out procedures or strategic means of marketing hence, the need for an online market place that allows vendors to reach larger customer base both local and international.

At our services include marketing, sales and delivery is making an open call to all growing or big businesses dealing in African prints (Men, women, kids clothing, and fabrics) as well as accessories and would like for their products to be marketed on”


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