SONETCO Institute is a socialist ideological development-oriented think tank that engages in requisite accurate information dissemination and need-based mass education on critical issues to impact the livelihood of the ordinary citizenry and shape the cause of national development.

We at SI are impressed with the effort of the ruling National Democratic Congress to set the pace with regards to taking the nation on “a trip into their manifesto” for the December 7th general elections, a few weeks after we joined other well-meaning Ghanaians to demand same. Though this gesture is rather late in coming, we believe it will contribute immensely to helping shape the course of public political discourse going forward.


Speaking at a ceremony to outdoor the “highlights of the NDC 2016 manifesto” on Tuesday 13th September 2016, which precedes the “proper manifesto launch” later in the week at Sunyani, H.E. John Dramani Mahama who doubles as the NDC’s candidate for the presidential slot for the upcoming elections highlighted four key areas his party’s manifesto revolves around namely; Putting People First, Strong Resilient Economy for Job Creation, Expanding Social and Economic Infrastructure and Transparent and Accountable Governance.

As a socialist ideological institute whose main focus is the wellbeing of the masses, we are pleased about the commitment of the NDC to continue make agriculture more robust and rewarding; expand transportation networks; introduce more pragmatic reforms to reduce youth unemployment and improve access and quality of education at all levels.

We take keen interest particularly in the commitment made to improve and increase access to health care by expanding and equipping existing facilities and building more new facilities to meet the increasing demand of the populace. Appreciably gratifying is the president’s promise to provide free NHIS subscription to persons with disability; ‘‘we’re going to increase the percentage of the district assembly’s common fund to provide free NHIS subscription to disabled persons in the various districts so that persons with disability if they are sick can go to the hospital because the subscriptions would have been paid for them,’’ he said.

While we commend the NDC for the bold decision to open their manifesto up, and the commitments therein, for public scrutiny to inform voter decision, we also promise that we shall hold them to their commitments as we continue to play our role as advocates for the masses in ensuring that they make good their words, given renewal of political mandate.

We shall come back with a more comprehensive and comparative sector-by-sector analysis when the NDC and the other opposition political parties launch their “full manifesto” documents.

We use this opportunity to once again, appeal to the NPP and all other political parties gearing up to seek the mandate of the Ghanaian electorate to release their manifestos without further delays.

Long Live SONETCO Institute!
God Bless Our Homeland Ghana!

Issued in Accra, Thursday 15th September, 2016


Communication Rep.
Eugene Eshun-Elliot


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