Minister Nominee for Tourism Culture and Creative Arts, Catherine Afeku intends devising several initiatives to boost domestic tourism in the country.

“We are all in agreement that domestic tourism is not an area of focus for the nation so I have come up with a domestic tourism initiative that we intend to start at the Ministry once given the nod …” said the Minister Nominee when she appeared before Parliament’s Appointments Committee.

She said the Ministry will enforce this initiative by ensuring staff of the Tourism Ministry visit various tourist sites and report what they have observed and experienced.

This , she believes, will also influence the Ministry’s programmes and policies aimed at rejuvenating domestic tourism.

“We will come back with some of these ideas from outside the country where the staff of the Ministry and its agencies and departments will be encouraged to save…They will visit the tourist sites and report back to the Ministry. They  will also be able to report back on the statures and nature of some of these tourist sites. And thirdly, they will have the opportunity to rejuvenate and bring up to speed. “

Ghana has a number of tourist sites but just a few are consistently patronized by Ghanaians.

About Catherine Afeku

Catherine Afeku is 49 years old, and our Member of Parliament for Evalue-Gwira-Ajomoro – her 2nd term in parliament. She hails from Axim, and holds Bachelor of Science and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration.

She has worked with the World Bank, with Stico Petroleum in Kenya as a Business Development Consultant, and a bilingual instructor at the Inlingua School of languages, Brescia, Italy.

Between 2006 and 2008, she was the NPP government spokesperson on infrastructure. She is married with 3 children.

By: Marian Ansah/


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