Being one of the first planed cities in India, Lavasa pulls visitors by the thousands. It is in the Pune district, behind the Varasgaon Dam, on the banks of Baji Pasalkar. The Lavasa Pune distance is about 65 kms and the Lavasa Mumbai range is around 180 kilometres. Set in the Mose area on the 7 hills of Maharashtra, Lavasa is a marvel. Have a look at one of the Lavasa photos available, you’ll see pure system genius in each one of them.

Lavasa has been intricately organized based on the principles of ecological sustainable surroundings. It’s a hallmark of urbanisation. HHC India manages the city plus has equipped it with the latest technologies and facilities. High class is given a whole new meaning at Lavasa.

Being hill city, Lavasa provides tourists that visit with options of adventure.

They can do a ample number of different activities here. Whether it’s trekking, hiking, rock climbing, or being biking, it’s all possible in this organized city. There are several valleys and also mountains that surround Lavasa and at to its value. There’s even a lake there where on the lakeshore, opportunities for water journey can be seen with activities for instance boating, cruising, boat bumpers, and also jet skiing.

Even if you’re not the adventurous sort, there is however a lot to do in Lavasa for you. The climate is extraordinary all year long, and moreover the monsoons are very gorgeous. It brings out the best of the lushness around the city plus throughout the surrounding mountains and moreover valleys. A collection of exclusive natural wildlife is rich throughout the monsoon in the waterfalls and surrounding places.

And. Regardless of your choice of activity, be sure to pack your cameras as you will regret not catching the spectacular photos in your Lavasa photos, to cherish for life.

The Lavasa – Mumbai range, as well as the Lavasa – Pune distance can be covered easily for a weekend holiday. The Lavasa Pune distance route is shorter than the Lavasa – Mumbai distance as the hill city is in the Pune district. The Lavasa – Mumbai route can be covered on the Mumbai – Pune expressway. The entire distance could be covered with normal traffic because the expressway is very functional and also efficient now. The Lavasa – Mumbai route is as well extremely scenic.

The Lavasa – Pune route is really a shorter distance. The nearest airport is about forty-nine kilometres from Lavasa. The new Panvel airport is around 145 kilometres from Lavasa, and the International airport in Mumbai is about 215 kilometres away. There are trains and busses available to travel to Lavasa.

So, pack your bags and head on to the planned city of India, not only for a serene weekend, however moreover a great time of adventure. The restaurants and shopping is also an extra bonus when galloping around the city in free time. It is just a vacation destination which makes everyone in the group happy!

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