By Konrad Kodjo Djaisi

GLICO Group has collaborated with the Tours Operators Union of Ghana to develop the GLICO Tourism Health Plan.

The policy offers both out-patient and in-patient care cover for tourists and other visitors to the country, so that should they fall sick whilst in the country they can have the best quality health care.

In a similar vein, GLICO is collaborating with insurance brokers and other transport service companies to develop a policy that seeks to offer insurance to all travellers once they purchase a bus ticket to travel anywhere in Ghana.

GLICO believes this would offer the needed peace of mind and ensure that when the unexpected happens, considering the high spate of accidents on the roads, they or their dependents will be cushioned.

Nana Efua Rockson, Deputy Manager, Corporate Affairs, therefore appealed to the Ghana Tourism Authority to help this policy come to fruition for the benefit of all Ghanaians. She was at the Authority yesterday to commit an undisclosed amount to partner the Authority in organising this year?s National Tourism Awards.

She said GLICO is proud to be associated with the event which seeks to recognise, appreciate and award individuals and organisations that are contributing to the development and promotion of tourism in Ghana.
She noted that GLICO recognises that life is full of risks and uncertainties, and therefore there is a need to put in place measures to mitigate those risks.

Ms. Rockson said the GLICO CAREMED travel insurance policy is designed to provide adequate cover and offer the needed peace of mind to people travelling outside the country. She said GLICO has been providing insurance cover to Ghanaians for over 25 years, and is associated with the awards because it wants to see Ghana?s tourism rub shoulders with the likes of South Africa, Kenya and Malaysia.


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