Travel and tourism in Maldives is enriched with romantic beaches, adventure activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, incredible lagoons, a fascinating shopping experience and delectable sea food. The climate of this group of islands is pleasant and they can be visited throughout the year. But for getting the warmth of the sunny beaches, December to April is the ideal time. During this period various sporting activities like beach volleyball, board games, table tennis and sauna can be enjoyed.

Some of the popular places to visit in Maldives are Komandoo Island with white sandy beaches, beautiful deep blue lagoons, soft corals and underwater diverse marine life. The exotic marine life can be observed while snorkeling in the surrounding waters. The excellent combination of blue sea and silver beaches can be experienced at Naifaru.


Attraction of this island is the trip to the sand mountains and an intoxicating shopping experience at the shopping malls. Rangali Island is situated at ninety km from Male International airport. This is nothing less than a dream destination where golden beaches lined and decorated with palm trees are a treat to experience during the moonlit nights. The other tourist places include Cocoa Palm Island, Meeru Island and the capital Male. The capital is having many places to visit like National Museum in Sultan Park, and Grand Friday mosque. For the honeymoon couples Makunudu Island is the best place where they can stay in the glamorous resorts and villas with sea facing accommodations providing peace and absolute privacy. The blend of tropical vegetation and tranquil beaches provide the perfect surroundings for the honeymoon couples.

Even though it is an island destination still shopping places in Maldives exhibit a wide scope of shopping at places like Male.

It is the main shopping hub that provides a real delight to the shoppers. The best buys from this place include jewelry, cosmetics, apparels, electronic gadgets, local handicraft items and perfumes. The other shopping places are Majeedhee Magu, Chaandanee Magu and the local market. Festivals in Maldives reflect the Islamic culture of the country. The celebration of the festivities reflects a blend of traditions and modernity. Night life in the islands is not dazzling, as the countries majority population is Muslim and there is less scope for night parties. Even then there are night clubs and bars where you can enjoy night life. Romantic beach parties are occasionally arranged and some resorts even arrange live band music. The island of Maldives are densely forested which have a variety of trees and forests, serving it as a home to various species of animals and birds. Tourists coming from different parts of the world can see a wide variety of wildlife in the group islands. The rainforests conserve many types of wildlife. Some of the popular Maldives attractions include cruising, diving, water sports, SPA, fishing, parasailing and visiting secluded Island Resorts.

Like the unique islands of Maldives, accommodations are also identical in the form of thatched cottages, beach bungalows, water bungalows and Honeymoon suites, all well furnished with excellent dining facilities. The islands can be reached by air from Male the gateway to the group of Islands.  Maldives tour packages offer a great scope of choices to match your vacation plans.

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