Management of Total Petroleum Ghana has taken staff through a fire simulation exercise as part of efforts by the company to promote health, safety, environment and quality values.

Occupants of the Total house, the head office of Total Petroleum Ghana Limited, were prompted to evacuate the building after the fire alarm system was triggered on Friday, 17 March.

Visible-dense smoke was seen emanating from the windows of the sixth floor. In response to this, the Ghana National Fire Service and Ambulance Service deployed personnel to handle the situation.

The situation which was later declared to be a fire simulation exercise was to test the response, both behavior and time, of all stakeholders in fire prevention and fighting. This is the second of this nature in three years, the last one in 2015.

The scenario for the simulation exercise included the evacuation of trapped personnel from the highest floor and the rescue of injured personnel from other floors.

In all, the response time of occupants to the Emergency Assembly Point and the deployment of personnel by the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) was a better improvement to that of 2015.

Response time is a key performance indicator in any drill exercise. The entire exercise lasted about 30 minutes.

The Health Safety Environment and Quality Manager of Total Petroleum Ghana, Mr. Frank Boamah in his address said that Total Petroleum Ghana will continue to strive to be a leader in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality values by establishing close relationship with its stakeholders while upholding and adopting best practices.

He further stated that, the improved performance was an affirmation of improved safety precautions and standards of the company.

DO1 Emmanuel Ofori-Agyei of the Ghana National Fire Service was impressed by the initiative Total Petroleum Ghana had taken to ensure safety.

Source: myjoyonline