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Toshiba Launched Photocouplers

Toshiba Corporation’s Semiconductor & Storage Products Company?to begin?mass production of a new CMOS image sensor ?TCM3232PB? with a 1/3 inch optical format and full HD (1080p) resolution at the end of April.
bp_inside_toshiba_enThe new sensor, employing Toshiba?s original HDR (High Dynamic Range) function, is optimized to capture clear images even in high contrast light conditions without blown-out highlights. The sensor also allows videos to be shot at 60fps in full resolution and realizes natural, smooth images. The sensor is offered in a small PBGA (plastic Ball Grid Array) package.
The sensor, according to the company, meets the requirements for high resolution, high-speed frame rate and high fidelity images for industrial use, and is suitable for such applications as security and surveillance cameras, monitor cameras and driving recorders.



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