GA Dangbe

This year annual Ga and Dangbe Homowo festival has been celebrated in Toronto-Canada.

GA DangbeThe celebration which was full of splendor achieved a common purpose of many indigenes of Ga’s and Dangbes resident in Toronto-Canada that was to present the traditional and cultural traits of the people to others to cherish.

It also sent a strong signal to the queen mothers and king makers back home in Ghana that they have no excuse but to work tirelessly to enstool a new Ga Matse to rule the Ga Traditional Area.

Full exhibition of Ga and Dangbe cultural and traditional activities drew a lot of Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians to the G.ROSS picnic park in Toronto-Canada over the weekend.

Demonstrating to the public to see, the Toronto Ga chief priest, Wulomo Nunmo Nii Akrong[Dr], dressed in full traditional regalia took the gathering through the selection of a rightful heir, the initiation and swearing of the Toronto Ga Chief Nii Kwei Anku to the subjects which was delightful to watch indeed.

The splendid performance of the Wulomo Nunmo Akrong supported by sub-chiefs clearly argued or pointed out to the world that queen mothers and king makers of the Ga state have no excuse to continue living several years without a chief after the death of Nii Amugi the late Ga mantse.

In one accord, the chiefs, queen mothers, king makers and the supporting crowd cheered the Toronto Ga Matse as he went round sprinkling Kpokpoi the traditional food to hoot at hanger.

After the excellent performance of the chief priest and the chiefs, some members of the gathering questioned if Ga state has an excellent laid down procedure in selecting a rightful heir, initiation, swearing and taking of authority as a chief, then what is holding those back home from giving the Ga state a king?

Wulomo Nunmo Akrong, urged Ghanaians to live in peace with one another, work hard to live a responsible live, support each other, take advantage of opportunities their resident destinations offer and always strive to be law abiding citizens wherever they find themselves.
Through libation, he prayed asking God for mercies, good health, wealth, protection and security for the country Ghana and Canada.
He prayed for healing for the sick, scholarship for the smart and clever youth to acquire requisite skills and knowledge to be able to overcome the challenging economic and employment difficulties, parental love and care for children and respect and dignity from children to the elderly.

He further stressed the unity among Ghanaians both home and abroad stating that,” in unity lies the strength and good heart for peace and development” as he personally went round to exchange pleasantries with members and wish all prosperous days ahead.
Also, the chiefs and the people were delightful to watch in the whole celebration activities as they participated fully in traditional dances, cooking and performed other customarily rites.

The sumptuous Ghanaian dishes that were served were interesting experience for invited quests and members who enjoyed very much.
A dazzling range of artistic events at the celebration at the park made invited quests to discover authentic Ghanaian rhythms and dance which urged the invited guests to participate fully which saw the Ghana’s consul general to Toronto Mr. John Bosco Kpebasani gracing the event.
The Ga Adangbe Association of Toronto now will wrap up 2017 annual Homowo festival activities with a dinner dance on August 19, to raise funds to support the sick kid’s wards in hospitals in Toronto, the association president Mrs. Christian Nuamah disclosed.

From: Stephen A.Quaye, Toronto-Canada.