European Union
European Union

Talks dragged on for months as the UN sought to broker the deal between Libya’s internationally recognized parliament in Tobruk and a rival Islamist-leaning administration controlling the capital Tripoli.

European Union
European Union

During this time, the Islamic State extremist group took advantage of the political instability to gain control of an area of the country’s central Mediterranean coast, lying between the regions controlled by Tobruk and Tripoli.

The EU sanctions target: Agila Saleh, the speaker for the elected parliament based in the eastern city of Tobruk; Khalifa Ghweil, the chief of the Tripoli-based government; and Abu Sahmain the head of a former parliament which has been revived as part of the Tripoli-based administration.

These three people “are viewed as obstructing the implementation of the Libyan political agreement of 17 December 2015 and the formation of a government of national accord in Libya,” the EU wrote.

The sanctions were published Friday in the EU’s Official Journal, putting them into immediate effect.

Source; GNA


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