Epithets like the ‘City of thousand minarets’ and ‘Mother of all cities’ fall short when one starts to describe the essence of Cairo. A modern city steeped deep in history, Cairo is unarguably one of the world’s most ecstatic destinations. Nowhere else but Cairo can one find an entrancing ancient parade, tantalizing cuisines, incredible museums, shopping extravaganza and a calendar full of events and festivals!

The city’s most significant crowd pullers like Giza’s mighty pyramids and stately sphinx have caught the world’s fancy for long and still take one’s breath away. No wonder buying air tickets to Cairo remains the dream of every travel bug. Let’s look at some of the glittering gems of Cairo that make airline tickets to Cairo sell like hot cakes.

Pyramid of Giza
Pyramid of Giza remain synonymous with Cairo and indeed Egypt! Pyramids of Giza eclectically cast an incessant spell on the onlookers by the virtue of sheer majesty and statuesqueness.

Adorned with mysticism and embellished with mind-boggling ancient architecture, the Pyramids offer the true essence of Egypt. The pyramids of Giza certainly need no introduction and remain responsible for pushing up inquiries about airline tickets to Cairo.

Coptic Museum
Established in 1908, Coptic Museum is yet another popular attraction in Cairo! The museum houses a rare collection of ancient Coptic remnants like architectural remnants, textiles and ancient manuscripts. The museum remains a must-visit for those buying tickets to Cairo to bask in the glory of Egypt’s glorious past! Besides its enriching exhibits, the awe-inspiring majesty of Coptic Museum is enough to cast an incessant spell on the visitors!

Egyptian Museum
One of the largest museums in Egypt, The Egyptian Museum remains Cairo’s most sought attraction.

The museum is an interesting treasure trove of Egyptian antiquities. Though Egyptologists don’t need an excuse to buy air tickets to Egypt, Egyptian Museum makes for one of the most compelling reasons! The museum’s sprawling sandstone building packs in more than 12, 0000 ancient artefacts including the mummies, ancient collection of King Tutankhamun, Greek and Roman artefacts and other spellbinding highlights of the ancient civilizations.

Mohammed Ali Mosque
Fondly called the Alabaster Mosque, Mohammed Ali Mosque in the Citadel of Cairo is one of the world’s finest architectural geniuses. The mosque remains a must visit for religious aficionados buying tickets to Cairo. The charm of twin minarets and the central dome flanked by four half-domes housed here make for the most bewitching sight to behold. Visitors taking a trip to this mosque can enjoy breathtaking views across the city to the pyramids of Giza.

Khan el-Khalili
Bustling Khan el-Khalili is perhaps one of the most interesting Egyptian bazaars that lure shoppers to buy air tickets to Egypt! Hedonistically alive with the delightful cacophony, Khan el-Khalili feature the eclectic charm of traditional souks blended with modern glitters. The shops here feature a wide range of interesting items, from junk jewellery to local perfumes, from hand-crafted textiles to fantastic souvenir items! Do well to go on treasure hunt to find the perfect souvenir to decorate your mantelpiece.

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