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Ecow-Smith Asante
Ecow-Smith Asante

One of the Africa’s most celebrated screen gorges with a back ground training from the late Samuel Ansong Manu, the patron of freelance players, a drama group in Accra. An educational training from the school of performing arts Legon, Ecow-Smith Asante certainly has no choice than to be one of the country`s best actors have finally decided to record a gospel song with the title .”Never Give Up”

Ghallywood`s prince charming notably known for his lover boy in movies has hinted The moment news paper that  is passion for acting and eagerness to share the same stage with prominent actors like Fred Amugi, David Dontoh, Oscar Provencal in the 90`s led to the discovery of my acting prowess during is college years in Presbyterian training college.

Ecow-Smith Asante holds a diploma with distinction in drama and a bachelor of fine arts degree in theater management. It there fore comes as no surprise he is making it exceptionally good in the acting arena, a great talent spiced with professionalism.

His acting versatility has led him to feature in over 40 productions, stage and screen alike with his first film lead role in super stars.

Your authoritative moment news paper caught up with Ecow smith Asante at is hide out somewhere in the capital city where he decide to spend some exclusive time with is team, fortunately yesterday 13th march happens to be is birthday.

The proud son of mother Ghana after staying in the lime light as an actor have decided to switch to music after enjoying the goodies that comes along with being a top actor in the Ghana movie industry.

In an in depth discussion with much pressure to no what prince chummy has for Ghanaians, he has received several calls from fans an loved once asking when is next movie will be coming out as they cant keep their fingers cross forever waiting to the hear from Mr. versatile.

But Ecow break the news that actually Ghanaians will have to wait a little while but I promise their waits will never be in vain.

Am now in the studio recording my gospel song titled “Never Give Up” which will be an instant hit when released into the Ghanaian market.

He said Ghanaians have shown much love to me and its time I satisfied when in their cars and at the offices and the only way I can do that is to sing for them, so that they can listen to it at the time they may think all hope is lost and things are getting out of hand.

I chose never give up because its an encouragement song and the engineer is really taking is time to produce a very good and a must listen to song which some movie makers or producers can even use as sound track for their movies, but the right channel must be use Ecow cautions.



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