CPP GhanaAfter organising what their leadership boasted as perhaps the best presidential primary, a self-styled purist of the Nkrumah tradition and a leading member of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Dr Abdel Gamel Adam Nasser, says he would be contesting the Tamale North Constituency as an independent candidate in the December polls.

Dr Nasser’s decision, according to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), was contained in a press statement issued in Accra last week and copies made available to the media.

Dr Nasser, who is also a senior lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon, said he took the decision after discussions with his people and beyond which resulted in a clarion call on him to contest the Tamale North seat.

“My interaction with all of you gives me hope that if we work together we can turn things around,” Dr Nasser declared in the statement.

According to the statement, Dr Nasser’s symbol is the New Moon (crescent) and a Rising Star.

He also said in the statement that his acceptance of the decision to run for the Tamale North seat was in respect to Allah and the people and therefore expressed the conviction that positive developments will come to the constituency when he is given the mandate.

He however did not state whether showing respect to Allah in the epoch decision-making meant he was asked by his Maker not to contest the Tamale North seat on the ticket of the CPP which claim in the aftermath of the party’s presidential nomination was that it was better disposed than all election years this year, to cause a major political upset.

Hitherto the general belief among many idealists in the CPP, including Dr Nasser, was that ‘pretenders’ like Dr Nduom and others needed not to be granted any form of acceptance in the true Nkrumaist world because their outlook on the relevance of contemporary Nkrumaism was a façade and a betrayal to that noble cause.

According to the purists, Nkrumaism triumphed more with a militant ideological preposition that is more rooted in the pre and the immediate post colonial period of the cold war where such flowery of coinages like neo-colonialism, imperialism and other militant descriptions were used for the bastardization of the African continent by the colonial powers.

To the ideal Nkrumaists like Dr Nasser, true Nkrumaism has no place for such issues like the reality of the exigencies of the times and therefore anybody who did not conform to their set of values on who an Nkrumaist should be is seen not only as a traitor but also a sell-out.  The sudden u-turn of Dr Nasser is therefore a shocker to many political watchers who thought with the exit of Dr Nduom and others, Dr Nasser and his ilk will Sigh a big Relief in their renaissance bid to bring Nkrumaism back on track. After all their pursuers are now out of sight.

So what might have necessitated Dr Nasser’s action? The paper posed the question to an ardent Nkrumaist who would not want his name to be mentioned.

This was his answer: “Clearly it shows the direction that the CPP is going. For Nasser, one of the idealists, to have left the CPP means there is a lot that ordinarily does not meet the eye.”

Indeed Dr Nasser’s decision, which obviously is a snub of the CPP, has come as a surprise to many, including some CPP members who thought the party needed all of its members, especially high profiled ones like Dr Nasser to chart a new direction after the exit of the realists like Dr Nduom and others.

Dr Nasser and his ilk had never accepted Dr Nduom as a genuine and true Nkrumaist and was one of the people who openly opposed Dr Nduom running for the CPP presidential slot in 2007. He together with other members of the Socialist Forum had constituted an unadulterated Nkrumaist cadre group preaching what they consider to be the purist socialist stance and beliefs of the country’s first president.

Some of its members boasted during the heat of the ganged effort to get Dr Nduom out of the CPP that an Nduom exit will open the floodgates for millions to join the CPP. Ironically, it took months for the CPP to be able to organise its presidential primary when it became obvious that many of the party’s members have defected to Dr Nduom’s Progressive People’s Party (PPP).

The paper gathered from painstaking investigations that the often-postponed presidential congress of the CPP was nothing short of an inability of the party’s leadership to get replacements for its depleted stock to be able to constitute a proper electoral college to carry out that exercise.

In the end, the party had to woo some people with financial inducements before they could get some 2000 people to vote in the party’s presidential primary held at Sekondi in the Western Region.


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