5 Things To Do in Trotro
5 Things To Do in Trotro

Of course, for me it is not a new adventure on such journeys but am rather fascinated about the little big things I have realized travelling around in a beautiful trotro can help you do.

5 Things To Do in Trotro
5 Things To Do in Trotro

So here you go, 5 things you can do during a trotro ride in Ghana.

1. Put in the headphones and enjoy some music. For me this is one of the few occasions I get to catch up with the latest songs in Ghana. My personal preference is gospel music and so I do this most often surfing the popular online music download sites to see what’s new for me. If I find that am already up to date with the newest I will often tune in to the radio on my phone and satisfy myself. It can get boring sometimes especially on a sunny afternoon but I do it anyway. Aside the numerous benefits you can think about it can get you to pass time by sleeping particularly when you are sleep deprived.

2. Complete an article. Fortunately or unfortunately, my chosen career is one that has a lot to do with pen and paper, writing and typing! That’s sounds fun right? Maybe. Very often you are frustrated by in-between calls especially when you are seated in the office trying to complete a compelling article or news story.

Well, I have in many instances enjoyed the comfort of doing all my writing and typing in a trotro to or from the office. For my fellow bloggers and authors I want you to try it out. I also get the chance to edit/proofread my and other people’s works. Its very effective and efficient too, maybe because there isn’t free wifi to connect to..hahha

3. Read a book. Confession time!! I hardly do this. Truth is, I will do more reading of online articles than books in trotro, but the few people I know who’ve ever tried this tell me its chic! Give it a try and let me know how it feels like.

4. Check out the City! Off all the huge tasks. Check out the city, new structures, the people, kpakpakpa movements and all. Well, looking out of the window can give you some ideas for writing you know… Even more, you get to know where the local eateries, famous offices and hangouts are located in town.

Living in Ghana can be fun or otherwise depending on how you manage time and relationship with people. With some great ideas, you can do 10 times more with your limited time.

I hope you found this useful to journeys in the country. Anything more you can do in a trotro in Ghana? Share with me!

By: 233livenews


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