What God has put together, let no man put aside. That?s what the bible says. No matter what is it, so far as we know that none of our male celebrity is gay, they will marry. OMG!Ghana brings to you 10 of our male celebrities who should have been married by now but reasons best known to them alone they are not. Some might be in a relationship but since its not an official marriage accepted by our custom and shown to the world we can say that they are still single. Readers should note that these are not the only male celebrities but we shall bring the rest as time goes on. Check out the list of the 10 Ghanaian male celebrities who are still single and should have been married by now. Ghanaian ladies should make wild and start praying because they can be the lucky once.


2.John Dumelo

3.Yaa Pono(Nsemkua)

4.KK fosu

5.Micheal Essien

6.Kofi Adjorlolo


8.Stone (Bradez)

9.Fokn Bois(Wanluv & Mensah)

10.Ekow Smith Asante



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