Precious Chipfurutse made an application for a protection order at the civil courts against her husband, Willard Tumbare, whom she claimed forces her into sexual intercourse.

SexThe husband, however, told court that the wife was to blame.

Chipfurutse complained that Tumbare has, on many occasions, forced himself on her.

“Each time I deny him sex he forces himself on me,” Chipfurutse said.

The court also heard that Tumbare was in the habit of verbally abusing Chipfurutse, calling her a whore.

But Tumbare insisted that his wife was actually the one to blame.

He said ever since they started staying together as a married couple, the wife has been denying him sex.

“We have had fights over sex since we got married because she denies me my conjugal rights whenever she feels like,” Tumbare said.

Tumbare also told the court that Chipfurutse does not want to go for HIV tests adding that he, as such, felt exposed.

He said his wife sometimes spent the day away from home only to return late into the evening.

Presiding magistrate, Barbara Mateko, granted the protection order and instructed Tumbare not to physically, verbally and sexually abuse Chipfurutse.

Source: New Zimbabwe


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