The Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) on Wednesday commended the Nigeria Copyright Commission (NCC) on its effort at reforming and enforcing the copyright laws of the country.

Tony Okoroji, the Chairman of the society, applauded the commission in an interview in Abuja. He said the commission through its activities had showed that it would not treat with ?kids glove? any individual or organisation that did not obey the laws guarding the copyright system.

Okoroji said this had restored confidence in the ability and willingness of government to enforce compliance with the law in furtherance of the drive towards development of a vibrant and world class creative industry.

According to him, the laws guarding the rights of creative artistes were being enforced aggressively all over the country. He explained that the fight against piracy, like multiple duplications of creative works on CD?s and on the internet, should follow suit.


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