Is length of the tongue has anything to do with ones success in corporate?? The question may appear very funny and trivial. Often it is being said that the people who speak and fight a lot have long tongue.? The people who speak a lot win.


The tongue is associated with excellent communication, ability to convince and also as a sign of achievement orientation.? How true is the above statement?? Does the tongue really carve the success of anyone?


Many scientific inventions and discoveries have fiction or irrational imagination or fantasy as their genesis.? Similarly, do many popular phrases and usages have science to their origin?? How relevant are these facts for the corporate?


An elaborate answer to the above question can be easily obtained from a Chameleon in nature.? Corporate do have many Chameleons but those Chameleons may not know the science of tongue and how it can help one to be successful.


The tongue of a Chameleon is as long as its body i.e. from head to tail.? Most animals hunt their prey with the power of jaws and teeth.? Some animals may use claws, poison, the spines etc.


The interesting thing about a Chameleon is that they catch their prey with their tongue.? The long sticky tongue is targeted on the prey as they have long tongue and the prey is cached.? When the tongue touches the prey, the prey gets stuck and when the animal withdraws its tongue, the prey gets swallowed.


The Chameleon simply shoots their tongue on a prey by sitting faraway from the prey and catches them easily.? The survival of the Chameleon is possible only because of its long sticky tongue.? A Chameleon can swallow its food may be without its tongue but cannot catch them if their tongue does not support.


Bigger the tongue a Chameleon has, greater will be its successful survival.? ??In fact, it is science and not fiction.


In corporate, the people who know to speak well and know to play with tongue and does tongue twisting a lot become very successful.?? Remember the association of tongue with success is not mere jocularly phrase but it has a great scientific meaning.


Another most important aspect is that the corporate leaders love to use their listening intelligence more than verifying intelligence as they can listen/hear passively also.? People are lazy by birth.? When the Chameleon tongued people in corporate speak a lot, the corporate leaders simply believes them and consider such people as most talented.? Always talented people are suitably rewarded.? The corporate leaders never like to verify the claims and statements of Chameleon tongued people as these leaders have to work a bit if they want to verify them.


Whereas, the other group of people when fail to ?oversell? their activities, naturally they are not received well.


Know the science of tongue power and how it can make one successful.? You can sit in your chamber like a Chameleon sitting on a tree, but its tongue alone travel and get the reward.? This what many corporate leaders are doing.? They are perfect Chameleons and through the tongue, they get their reward.


Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd., Chennai


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