Paramount Chief of the Talensi Traditional Area, Tongraan Kulbulisong Nalebtang
Paramount Chief of the Talensi Traditional Area, Tongraan Kulbulisong Nalebtang

The Paramount Chief of the Talensi Traditional Area in the Upper East Region, Tongraan Kulbulisong Nalebtang has called on Journalists to hold Civil Servants responsible for shoddy works executed by contractors in the country.

He blamed the poor nature of roads in the country, especially those within the Bolgatanga Township on works supervised by Civil Engineers, and said “we must hold Specialists responsible because Civil Engineers and the Consultants often sign and certify the contracts, and we have never taken them to task.”


According to him, Civil Engineers had become more indisciplined in the supervision of their assignments and therefore must be held culpable “Because roads and building contracts are under their watch and they are responsible. How many mechanical bridges have you seen breaking down somewhere built by Mechanical Engineers, but the Civil Engineers will always sign, that, roads are developed whereas it is shoddy works that are done.”

The Tongraan made the call when leadership of the Upper East Regional branch of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) led by its Chairman, Mr Eric Kwadjo Amoh paid a courtesy call on him at his palace, to request him to be Patron of the Association in the Region.

He observed that Civil Servants supervised shoddy works with the excuse that politicians put pressure on them to meet deadlines, and questioned, “What kind of pressure? if the press stopped focusing on politicians and focus on authorised persons, good work will be done.”

The Paramount Chief said “As for Politicians, they are temporal employees; they can go at any time. We must focus on the challenges and look at who must be blamed properly, because if the road is not approved by an Engineer, no matter what the conditions will be, the contractor will not be paid.”

The Tongraan said the media placed its lenses on politicians, whereas the true culprits were the Civil Servants who superintended poorly executed jobs, and noted that not full contract sums for projects were used for their intended purposes. “We as a country must do things better than that,” he added.

He charged Journalists to quiz Civil Engineers on the quality of materials used and how contracts were done, which he indicated were technical and beyond politicians.

The Paramount Chief, who is also a member of the Council of State for the Region, said “If we can jail Engineers for shoddy works, and their licenses taken away from them, good jobs would be done.”


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