Though, education at Primary and Junior High level across the country below ten years at Tongor-Dzemeni in the South Dayi Constituency in the Volta Region have been? compelled by circumstances? to? drop? out from? school in the quest? for money.

These children, whose interest in the search for money escalates on daily basis, could be seen wandering at the Dzemini lorry station during school hours with dirty attires as if they wallow in mud.

The young children who turned to? perform? the? duties? of adults? engage themselves? in? menial activities such as truck? pushing, sachet? water sundering, carrying of loads? among others.

In the course of discharging their badly paid activities, they are sometimes been accompanied of the energetic men who at the end of the day give peanuts to the children.

Meanwhile, a class four pupil Korku Zogoli said, they give the monies obtained from their toil?? to their parents to be used as house keeping money.

?It is not my wish to be around while my colleagues are in the classroom learning to become prominent people in the future,? the pupil said.

The young boy also disclosed that he gets enthused in the business as a result of the exposure he has had on the field since he takes home something small.

Most of the indigenes are anxious about the demeanour of the little wards when sighted roaming at the lorry station for the attainment of ?Nokofio?, which literally means peanuts to fill the vacuum of their tommies.

They therefore echoed to the government to come to the aid of the children to urge them to take keen interest in education since it is the key to success.

The health of these children could however be affected negatively in the near future, if drastic intervention is not quickly made to send them back to the classrooms.


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