?? Lydia Afoley Anum Fingered

Some aggrieved members of the Greater Accra Tomato Traders Association of the Trades Union Congress (TUC) are accusing the General Secretary of the Association; Lydia Afoley Anum of favoritism as far as the schedule for tomato trading is concern.

tomatoesHer action according to many people is tearing the Association apart, creating unnecessary confusion that do not auger well for the growth of the Association.

As part of efforts to streamline tomato trading activities in Ghana, the Ministry of Trades and Industries has designed a permit form and schedule system for traders and transporters in the tomatoes business. This according to the ministry would ensure sanity in the business and as well facilitate local and cross boarder economic activities.

However, Lydia Afoley Anum has been accused of monopolizing the system failing to go by the schedule system released by the Ministry.

According to members, they have completed the permit from which the schedule system was made and released.

She has also been accused of intimidating traders who stand up against her leadership style. This however is opening doors for members of good standing to quit the Association.

According to members most of their members have left the association due to the way and manner Lydia Afoley Anum is handling affairs of the association, expressing fear that if this continues, it will collapse the association completely.


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