“No data is yet available to confirm this information,” said the release about the gossip on the existence of measles epidemic.

measles vaccine
measles vaccine
The denial follows investigations conducted by health authorities, which revealed suspected cases of rubella after routine inspections beginning in January.

“Investigations carried out established the existence of some cases under control of rubella, a contagious viral disease that occurs most often among children aged 5 to 9, which would lead to confusion with measles,” said the release.

According to health official Dr. Tamakloe Agbeko, epidemiology system gave notice early January of suspected cases of rubella, as 38 positive results for rubella against 3 for measles have been registered out of 98 samples from 112 notified cases.

The head of contagious disease division at the health ministry stressed that another routine inspection has been conducted in February on 27 samples from 78 notified cases.

“This showed 8 positive results for rubella but came up with zero for measles,” the specialist said.
“We then concluded that it is much more rubella than measles,” he said, adding that Togo has no available vaccine against the disease.

Agbeko said the rubella is benign, and the ministry is gearing to integrate its vaccine in child routine immunization campaigns in the West African country. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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