Togbe Afede XIV, Agbogbomefia of Asogli State has praised Dr Abu Sakara, 2012 Presidential Candidate of the Convention People?s Party for the vision he intends to implement to develop the Country if voted into office come December elections.

?I want to commend you for the clarity with which you have articulated you programs and vision for the Country?. I appreciate the three things you have emphasized, the Social Transformation, Economic Emancipation and Equity; we need all these three to move our Country forward?.

According to him, Dr Sakara has a very good message and urged him to ensure that he reaches every corner of the Country in order for all electorates to be informed about the CPP?s policies for electorates to make an informed decision during voting day on December 7.

Togbe Afede XIV made these remarks when Dr Abu Sakara paid a courtesy call on him at his residence in Ho- the Volta Regional Capital, as part of his tour to the Region.

Togbe Afede XIV indicated that there is a lot in our society that needs correction hence the need for a leader with vision to address them.

He congratulated Dr Sakara for the message of peace he has been preaching and urged him to continue.

He however expressed worry over the situation where tensions are heightened every election year.

?I am not comfortable that every four years, we have to be praying for peace when we are not under any attack from any external forces. Why should we be our own enemies, why should we threaten the peace that has made Ghana so unique?? he asked.

?I wish every election will come and pass like any other year and not one that keeps all of us in fear, but I know the CPP has always stood for peace. Our first President Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah was a man of peace, he had a vision of keeping our Country united and he demonstrated in many things he did, where in those days you could find somebody from the Brong Ahafo Region as Regional Minister in the Volta Region?.

He added that, as a Country we need to go back and build on what Dr Nkrumah has already started.

Togbe Afede XIV lamented that the people of Ghana desire the kind of leader that would close the gap between the Black Man and the White Man. The leader that can use our resources to move the continent forward, so that, poverty, disease and ignorance will in future become alien to the African continent. ?We need selfless and honest leadership?.

Dr Sakara on his part said stated, ?We are here as caretakers of a special assignment, that assignment is to return the Convention People?s Party back to government, we accept it is a process and not an event, but we also know that for the sake of our Country and this generation it must be now and not later?.

Dr Sakara assured Agbogbomefia of Asogli State and his elders that the CPP will not under any circumstances in this year?s elections accept for this Country to be torn apart because after all the CPP is the tradition that ushered Ghana into Independence.

?Togbe and your Elders can count on the good conduct of the Convention People?s Party?.

He told the people of the Region to also count on the options that the CPP is offering in this year?s elections, for Ghana to once again find itself and find the road back to its self confidence to fulfill the vision of the founding Fathers as an example in Africa that all other African Countries can aspire to be.

?We have not fulfilled this vision yet, it is a quest for our generation that we do it and we can only achieve it through economic emancipation of our people, which is the unfinished agenda for our generation?.

Dr Sakara thanked Togbe Afede XIV for the warm reception he gave him and the team.

Dr Sakara was accompanied by his wife Lily Sakara Foster, National Organizer-Abu Forgor, Chair for Women and Children Affairs also Member of the Manifesto Committee – Mrs Elizabeth Quarcor Akpalu, Mr Thomas Ntumy – National Campaign Manager, P.K. Donkor Ayifli ? Member, Council of Elders, Vincent Norgbedzi ? Volta Regional Chairman including Constituency and polling station executives.

Dr Sakara is continuing the Volta Regional Today.



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