An 18 month-old toddler disappeared from the house and was found after three days in a farm, about two kilometers away from the house.Small boy

According to the mother, Ms Rebecca Arhin, she left her child, Kweku Arhin Amewuga, with a woman in the house and went to get firewood from the farm .

On her return to the house, she was informed that the baby was asleep and was lying on the verandah but when she went to check, she could not find the baby.

According to her, they looked everywhere possible but they could not find the baby.

Ms Arhin said a report was, therefore, made to the chief of the community and a gong gong was beaten to inform the community, who joined in the search, but without success.

Ms Arhin said when the child could not be found, on the second day, a report was made to the Suhum Police.

She said the search for the toddler continued and on Thursday morning, a woman from the village, Ms Cynthia Mensah went to pluck okro from her farm and heard the child calling the name of his senior brother, and so she traced the voice further into the bush and found the baby standing in the bush.

The father of the baby, Mr Yaw Trevi Amewuga, who could not hide his joy, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that, he was happy that his child had been found but he could not understand how he ended up far away from their house .

The toddler was taken home and bathed, and thereafter taken to the chief?s palace to be shown to the chief and elders of the community.

The parents of the child also presented some drinks to the chief to be use to thank the Asafo group and people who helped in the search for the baby.



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