Do you want to add refreshing tinge of Caribbean to your monotonous life? If you are nodding your head in yes, you should plan Tobago tours. Despite being the smaller among Trinidad and Tobago, it has emerged as a great tourist spot. Beaches are the attribute of the list of attractions in Tobago. There are several beaches in the island with their own unique features. Some are apt to feel the tranquility of nature, few are known for offering typical beach life and you can easily find beaches that can satiate your hunger for the adventurous activity.  

However, the island is not only about beaches and marine activities. There are several other attractions that keep people finding Tobago holiday deals. One of the most unique attractions in the island is Kimme Museum. The museum is dedicated to Luise Kimme who started living in Tobago in 1979.

While visiting the museum, you would come across variety of sculptures. Colloquially, it is also known as “The Castle.” Before becoming a museum, this was the house of Luise Kimme.

Kimme was trained at St. Martin’s College of Art. The sculptures are made from whole tree trunks. While strolling around, you can take a look at sculptures made from lime, cedar, oak and bronze. If Sunday is there in your trip, consider spending it in the museum especially when you are an art lover. The museum is easily accessible from numerous cheap hotels in Tobago. In front of the museum, you would find Mt. Irvine Golf Course. Spend some time in the course to brush up your golfing skills. In case, you are not fond of cricket, even then you should visit this museum to admire the beauty of the course which is well complemented by the turquoise blue waters of Caribbean Sea.   

Adventure in Tobago is not only limited to beaches.

You can indulge in several land based activities as well. One of the most popular activities is mountain biking. While enjoying biking, you can take a closer look at exuberant flora and fauna of the island. There are several Tobago hotels that offer mountain biking tours. Be a part of any of the biking tours and you would get a guide who is going to introduce to the best of the island. While excursing through the rugged terrains, you would come across various species of birds. Therefore, Tobago is emerging as a great spot for birdwatchers. Some of the popular species that are available in the island are black belly tree ducks, herons and large number of migratory birds.  

Sunday School is another highlight of the Island. If you are thinking that there would be a religious teaching session on Sundays, you are slightly wrong. This is the most popular weekend event that takes place near Buccoo Beach. The extravagant event consists of open air music and dance performances. If you want experience the local culture of the island, don’t compromise on adding this fest to the list of attraction of last minute holidays to Tobago.  

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