The Tamale Metropolitan Security Task Force led by the Metropolitan Chief Executive (MCE), Iddrisu Musah Superior today [Monday] kick-started the first phase of a major decongestion exercise within the Tamale Business City.

This followed three months of non-stop notifications in the media especially on the airwaves of Tamale based radio stations.

The Task Force destroyed unauthorised structures and hauled vehicles parked at unapproved locations.

The Task Force combed Sakasaka, main taxi rank, old market, Aboabo, Picorna road and water works among other areas.

Iddrisu Musah Superior unequivocally stated, “I am leading it today because I want to send a strong message to the people out there that this exercise will continue until I am no longer Mayor.”

“We have a forty member task force which has been trained effectively for the past three weeks to handle this so I can assure you that it is not going to be a nine-day wonder.”

“For anybody who comes and trades on the street, we shall chase him out, we will prosecute him and he will answer in the law court. We have told them to go to Kapkagyili, Kukuo, Kalpohin and Sagnarigu markets.”

The Tamale Mayor, Iddrisu Musah Superior called the bluff of political interference saying, “Political parties have intervened but I have told them the right thing that if you don’t want me to work then just leave me. We have to understand why I am doing this project. I am doing this because of the health and safety of the people.”



“If there is a fatality on that road, thousands of Ghanaians will perish and I am not going to allow this under my watch. I want people to be happy and the only way to make people happy is to make them safe and secure,” he said.

He described the exercise as a collective responsibility and called for citizens’ maximum cooperation.

The Mayor of Tamale, Iddrisu Musah Superior’s major priority is to transform the Tamale Metropolis into the hub of the Sahel.

Chiefs, religious and opinion leaders in the Tamale Metropolis have declared their support for the exercise whilst majority of Tamale residents have lauded the exercise, the evicted hawkers and petty traders are unhappy.

By: Abdul Karim Naatogmah/