The Security and Peace Committee of the Nigeria Police Force has brokered a peace deal between Tiv farmers and Fulani herdsmen, with the two sides declaring a cease fire at the end of the two day police led dialogue in Lafia, Benue State.
Briefing reporters after the meeting, the Chairman of the Police Security and Peace Committee, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Mike Zuokumor, said both parties had agreed to end hostilities and allow peace to reign in the affected areas.
?The problems among the two tribes are issues that can be handled through dialogue and not fighting,? he said.
The warring factions of Tiv farmers and Fulani herdsmen at a joint media brief also agreed to set up a joint task force between them to monitor allegations of cattle rustling and grazing into farm lands.
It appears that the known foes are now friends after a two-day meeting called by the Security and Peace Committee of the police leadership.
The Secretary of the Cattle Breeders Association, Mohammed Hussaini, told reporters that all past grievances had been forgiven.
The President of the Tiv Development Association, Ashikaa Bernard, said they would return to their ancestral home on the strength of the brokered peace.
The Police mediation team has been on this mission of restoring peace to the troubled Nasarawa and Benue states border where many have been killed in the Tiv\Fulani crisis.
Benue State Governor Gabriel Suswam, after he was attacked by suspected Fulani herdsmen, said that the attackers, with sophisticated weapons, appeared more like trained insurgents than Fulani herdsmen.


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