A planned travel involves lot of prior activities like – ticket booking, packing, hotel booking and much more. After these preparations ensure on the day of travel to reach the airport on time and clear the security checks to catch your flight before departure. To ease the pressures we bring you 5 useful tips that will make your trip as pleasant as you planned it to be. Read on –

Book tickets in advance –

It is sensible to book your tickets in advance when you plan a trip. This ensures you get the flight as per your preferences like budget, schedule, seat requirement etc. Also, booking your tickets before hand confirms your trip more or less. Booking tickets at the last moment leads you to compromise on many of your requirements especially budget and flight schedule.

Before you leave for your flight remember to check with Airline Company on the any changes in the schedule of the flight.

Pack light –

Many of us have the habit of packing our entire world when leaving for trip, be it pleasure or business. Carrying heavy baggage with you will only slow down your movement when moving from one counter to another at the airport. Hence, pack things that you will really need on the trip. Make a list of all the items you need to carry with you, this will help you arrange better. Also try to carry all your stuff in a carry-on bag or a wheeled baggage for ease of mobility.

Quick security check –

Keep your ID and boarding pass in your hand as you approach the security line.

This will speed up the security check for you. In case you are carrying your laptop with you, remember to put it on the conveyor belt apart from its container. Refrain from carrying any liquid with you that may arouse suspicion for its amount or the consistency. More importantly, arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure in case of an international flight.

Make hotel bookings in advance –

Making arrangement for your accommodation while you plan for your trip will save you a lot of time and reduce the hassle you could go through in finding the right hotel. If you are planning for a business trip make sure you book a hotel that caters to business travelers. This will ensure that you have access to internet, business machines and swift service for all your needs.

Travel insurance is a must –

This single solution will cover all the hurdles you could come across on your trip. Travel insurance covers you against all the mishaps that you could experience on a trip. It provides cover for –

Medical expenses incurred on the trip like hospitalizationLoss or delay of baggage and loss of travel documentsMedically necessary transportation from foreign country to home countryHijack distress allowanceLegal liability and much more

There are several travel insurance providers, however choose one that offers you better coverage at an affordable premium.

The above discussed are the 5 top tips that will help you plan and execute your trip smoothly.  However, getting a travel insurance alone will ensure your safety on the trip effectively.

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