Tips For Disney Princess Prom Dress 2012

To make your princess come true with ideal Disney princess dress. In this article ,i will shed light on the trend of Cinderella dresses in 2012, and give you some advices on your choices.

For almost every girls ,the princess dream has been rooted in their soul since they were children. The story of Snow-White and Cinderella may be the most beloved tales they would like to hear. Though the reality is a little different from what it goes in fairy tale, there are no princes living in the castle ,there are also no white horses, you could still fulfill your princess dream with the most gorgeous prom dress. Today I want to say something about the latest trend of Disney princess dresses.

As a matter of fact, all the dresses come with different cuts and diversified styles.

Don’t’ think that Cinderella prom dresses are just the easy assembling of layer of fabric and netting. The delicate creative design in detail makes a great difference. In the past, the Victorian style prom dresses are becoming more and more popular among those young girls. Now the new trend follow in the vein of the style, with the revival of polka dot, wide sashes and balloon style hemlines, making this year more marvelous and colorful.


The neckline of prom dresses come with various styles. But for the Cinderella prom dresses in traditional sense, sweet heart design may be the top choice. It is perfect for those with a flatter chest because the shape detail on the chest can give the illusion that there is more there than there really is.

Deep-v-neck design are best choice for those who want to show their body stature. If you are plumpy, don’t conceal your grazioso curves and just be the sexy queen. U-neck corsages are also up to date this season. Different from V-neck and sweet heart design, the U neck seems quite moderate. Plunging neckline will also be seen among the various designs. Sometimes you may need magic corsage to help you in order to rein the prom dress.

Halter Neck

If you want to show your attractive shoulder and draw others’ eyesight to your upper body, then halter neck prom dress in 2012 may help you. Strapless Cinderella dress may make you full of glamour. While the prom dress with straps are also magical. The trend this season pay attention to the design of detail in order to show your beauty in all dimensions. Exquisite straps embedded with flowers or decorate the neck line with shining sequin will no doubt make you the focus among crowd.

Dropped waist

The dropped waist design of Disney princess prom dresses would help to refine your silhouette from the whole. Others will pay attention to your graceful curves.

Fish Tail

Long prom dress with fish tail elegantly waving behind you will make the whole appearance glamorous. But you know, though this is fashion and beautiful, you had to practice a lot before you wear them to attend the party because the long tail may bring inconveniences to you.

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