Indigenous traders parading themselves as the Circle Tip-toe Lane Traders Association have declared their readiness to face the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and its Boss, Hon. Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije boot for boot should he?????? (the? Mayor) continue to urge his boys to execute unlawful demolishing exercises in the area.

vanderpuijeAddressing a press conference in Accra, the President of the association, Mr Joseph Osei Agyemang advised his people to gather courage to wrestle the AMA to the hilt following an unlawful demolishing exercise carried out by the AMA taskforce allegedly sent by the Accra mayor.

According to him, the Accra mayor gave them notice to vacate their various selling places and two hours later the same day, he commanded his boys to evade the area of which they destroyed numerous structures and towed some cars belonging to the vendors away.

He therefore remarked any right thinking person would not do what Okoe Vanderpuije did, hence, they would not sit down idle for the AMA to annihilate their businesses because they pay tax to the government.

?We are Ghanaians and we deserve to do anything that would earn us living so no one has the right to infringe on our rights?, he said.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the association, Simon Fianko noted that Tip-toe lane is not a road that vehicles use periodically so he donnot understand why Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije is not been fair to them.

He said, ?Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije can not take the law into his hands and do whatever he likes without giving us prior notice?.

In addition, Simon Fianko stated that they (tradersot Tip-toe lane) would not sit down for the Accra Mayor to use his office to intimidate them in any way and because the Accra mayor has refused to relocate them but sack them, they would also advise themselves should the demolishing exercise persist in the area.

He therefore called on President Mahama to call the mayor to order so as to avoid any clash.

Supporting the traders, the Kokomlemle East and West assembly members also expressed great worry about the situation with Hon Moses Abor saying that every body occupying space in the area pays tax and VAT tothe government so if the mayor wanted them to vacate their vendoring spaces, then, he (Vanderpuije) should allot new selling places for them since they all have responsibilities to fulfil at home.

He remarked that if the mayor refuses to accord them the due respect, they would also refuse to recognize him as the mayor.

Because Alfred Okoe Vanderpuije did not revere assembly members, that is why he did not inform us about his decision tosack the Tip-toe lane traders.


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