Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi, from? Ondo State. She had her primary and secondary education in the United States of America, where she bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and a Master?s degree in Media Communications. A popular on-air personality,she had worked with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and Cool FM before joining the Beat 99.9FM, she is our celebrity guest on Hair Ways.

Celebrities are, readily, in love with extensions. What does your natural hair look like?

Wearing of extensions comes with this line of profession, but, that doesn?t mean we don?t take care of our natural hair. My natural hair is long and black.

Would I be wrong to assume you can?t be caught wearing your natural hair out?

Yes, you would be wrong to make such an assumption. My natural hair is long and black, so, what on earth will stop me from flaunting it? Sometimes, I could decide to rock my natural hair for two weeks afte removing my extension. And it?s not all of the time that I wear hair extensions. Sometimes, I decide to make the local Didi (weaving) and then wear wigs so that my hair can breathe. I also braid because I love to experiment with my hair.

That means you can wear lou colours with your hair?

No! I?m a public figure, so, I can?t experiment with lousy colours. I prefer black or brown.

How do you maintain your natural hair?

I make sure it?s not dry by oiling it, wash it regularly, and wear a silk scarf when going to bed at night.

Which hairstyle is your best?

I don?t know which one, because I look good with any hairstyle I choose. I once tried the Sun hairstyle and everyone liked it on me. I?ve also made the long wavy weave-on and people still liked it. So, I don?t have favourite.

Does your mood dictate your hairstyles?

Yes. For example, whenever I?m travelling, I like to go on short weaveon or braid so it won?t irritate me. Long weave-on can be a problem, sometimes. So, if I don?t want to be bothered, I go for hairstyles that soothe my mood.

What type of hairstyle do you prefer on different occasions?

The last time I had my birthday, I made the short, but, normal Rihanna. It was a bit long and curly at the tips. If I want to wear an evening gown, I could pull my hair into a ponytail or bond it, so it doesn?t touch my back.


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