The manner fetish practices are exhibited in local Ghanaian movies that are advertised on television are not healthy for the viewing public and therefore, needs to be addressed immediately.

Almost every week, majority of such movies that are released into the markets portray witches and sorcery scenes. What is worrying is the fact that children are most at times given such roles by the director in charge of that particular movie.

This practice, however, goes a long way to have adverse effect on children playing such roles on set which should be stopped. I was fortunate to be on set with a director who had this same motive. When I asked, why are children used purposely for this role, her answer was “they are mostly good for such roles and can play it effectively than adults”. What a fallacy! Where are we going as a country where these children we consider as our future leaders are used to channel the selfish gains of these directors?

Some local Ghanaian movie directors have inculcated the assertion that, these are the scenes the public yearns to watch, and thus, there is the need to satisfy their demands even though the country is endowed with rich history and culture they can easily take advantage of. It is time these directors become creative and innovative because the society abounds several stories they can think of than always coming out with these unwanted fetish practices.

Not only does this practice have effect on children who play such roles, it also caste a slur on the nation which portrays Ghana as a fetish country because such movies are translated into English where aliens can also read and understand. There are also instances giant animals are cartooned that torment mankind even in real life coupled with lots of insults in the movie industries that are not ‘Ghanaian-like’.

The National Media Commission, National Censorship Board and the Ghana Actors’ Guild all have roles to play in order to nip this practice into the bud and charge all movie directors to come out with movies that will help shape the behaviour and thinking of the viewing public as the general elections draw nigh.


Whigham Robert Dundas


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