Time to move to technology-based planning, Amana tells FG
On July 9, 2012 ? In Finance


President of the Nigerian Academy of Engineering, Dr. Edet Amana has used the opportunity of the academy?s Dinner/Technology evening held in Lagos recently, to call on Nigerian government to drop its focus on economic based planning and move to technology based planning.

Amana said that the economy of the country has often been described as one which has seen some growth but little development because the growth is driven by oil production while sale is sustained by foreign technologies.

For him the development is low because of the near absence of local indigenous technologies which is why he advocated for improved technological know how of the country as the only way forward.

?Technology-based planning is now being used by China and India to make themselves superior.? If we do not adopt technology-based planning on our national economy planning, there would be little hope for Nigeria?s economic development?.

Corroborating Amana was the COO of Commonwealth Telecommunications Technology, Mr Bashir Patel, who in his paper? at the event, titled ?Telecommunications Technology and Infrastructure: The Pivot of National Economic Advancement?? said that considering that ICT has changed? the way people? think, relate and do business globally, governments should also change the planning styles.

According to him, ?in the past 10 years, ICT has helped structural changes in telecoms markets through increased competition and market deregulations. There are also changes in services and users perceptions. So, there is every need for thorough technological evolution? he added.

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