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Kwame Nkrumah
Kwame Nkrumah

Guinea Bissau, West Africa was subject to a coup d??tat on Thursday April 12, 2012 spearheaded by a group of military personnel identified as the ?Military Command?. The objective of this illegal, anti- democratic and reactionary attempted coup d??tat was to overthrow the democratically elected PAIGC Government and prevent the run-off of Special Presidential Elections scheduled for 29 April, 2012. They began an onslaught of aggressive and violent attacks against the leadership of the PAIGC (the African Party of Independence for Guinea and Cape Verde led by the immortal Revolutionary Amilcar Cabral ) and subsequently the people of Guinea Bissau.

Since the time of this illegal coup, revolutionary forces of the People?s Party the PAIGC and the masses of the people have reacted with protests, demonstrations and campaigns of resistance letting the world know that the sacrifices of immortal revolutionaries such as Amilcar Cabral were not in vain. The People have risen and made their voices heard.
PAIGC represents more than just a revolutionary political party inside of Guinea Bissau. It represents the Pan African vanguard of the African Revolution and political nucleus of unity and liberation that helped to form and influence other Revolutionary political Parties just as MPLA and FRELIMO. PAIGC is a shiny and consistent beacon of light in Africa consistently building upon the legacy of those revolutionaries that helped liberate Africa and unify her and defend Africa?s future.
The militants of the PAIGC and the masses of the people never stopped for one minute to organize and campaign for the reinstatement of the democratically elected PAIGC and by the commitment of their work and dedication to Africa?s forward advancement; it was realized in the recent legislative elections.

Source: Pan-Africanist Briefs


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