Roshi Motman, CEO of Tigo Ghana
Roshi Motman, CEO of Tigo Ghana

Roshi Motman, the CEO of Tigo Ghana has been ranked number one on Sweden?s prestigious list of 100 exceptional business leaders across the world.

Roshi Motman, CEO of Tigo Ghana
Roshi Motman, CEO of Tigo Ghana

The index which was created by 4Potentials, Sweden?s number one talent index company, was formed out of a pool of over 3000 top leadership talents from various industries such as banking, medicine, telecoms, and manufacturing.
Headed by industry heavyweight Niklas Delmar, and founded by Fredrik Andersson, 4Potentials is the number one driving force behind most talent initiatives within the Nordic talent market.

?Roshi was given the number one spot because of her hard work and instinct for people and situations. She has a dimension in her way of thinking which few people have. Roshi could very well be our next world leader following people like Olof Palme or Ingvar Kamprad?, says Fredrik regarding why she is in first place.

Roshi?s top spot is followed by Anna Ryott of Swedfund, Thomas Ekman of Tele2, and other heavyweight names like Daniel Ek of Spotify and Stefan Larsson of Ralph Lauren.

To make it to the list, business leaders are measured on what 4Potentials calls the four P?s; proficient, powerfueling, pioneering, and passionate.

Under these pillars, 4Potentials measures qualities such as street smartness ? the ability to think outside the box to find intelligent and profitable solutions; natural leadership, coupled with strategic insight and empowering skills. It also looks out for business leaders with a strong entrepreneurial spirit to drive sustainable results, and a way of working that?s high on charisma, emotional quotient and passion for people.

?I?m really honored by this special recognition and would like to thank my management team and all staff of Tigo for their contributions towards our company?s transformation. They inspire me to do more and better?, said Roshi after hearing the news from 4Potentials.

?This valuable endorsement goes out to all young people out there who have dreams of rising through the ranks to lead and inspire teams to greatness.

I hope they look at me and think, if she can do it, I can do it.?, she added.

Roshi Motman joined Tigo Ghana as its first female Chief Executive Officer in 2014. Under her leadership, Tigo Ghana has seen remarkable transformation over the past year and a half with aggressive network expansion, massive service delivery improvements, increased subscriber growth and a fresh, progressive brand outlook.

Her outstanding track record of developing and nurturing talent, and making bold business decisions, sets her apart as a leader for several other females in various industries.

Source : TIGO


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