As part of activities to symbolize the end of the Ramadan activities, Iftar, telecommunication company, Tigo, has hosted Muslims for breakfast and dinner in the Greater Accra, Northern and Ashanti regions of the country.
This formed part of activities for the company to strengthen its bond in the various Muslim communities.
When news got round that Tigo was going to provide meals, hundreds of residents including leaders in the various communities came out in their numbers to dine with Tigo. They were appreciative of Tigo?s support to their communities and said prayers for the company.

Tigo set up breakfast and dinner tables at the following Mosques: Sakafia, Sawaba and Nurul amen Mosque in Asawase in the Ashanti region; the Afajura and Tishigu Mosques in the Northern region; and the Nima and Abossey Okai mosques in the Greater Accra region.
Iftar is the evening meal when Muslims end the daily Ramadan fast. The meal, shared at sunset, is a time when families gather to celebrate what they have and reflect on the less fortunate. Tigo served a variety of food including the usual kooko and maasa.






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