The corporate arm of Tigo begun operations in 2009 and has since been providing individuals and corporate entities with one-stop-shop solutions to fulfil their need for cost-effective, innovative and reliable communications solutions.

EssienIn 2014, it re-branded into Tigo Business with the mandate to support both SMEs and corporates.

“Tigo Business is uniquely positioned to offer products and services that match world-class standards for only a fraction of the price. We are very eager to support corporates and SMES to reduce their operational and capital expenditures, and ultimately become more industrious by leveraging on economies of scale,” said Stephen Essien, acting Director of Tigo Business and Director of Customer Operations.

“In today’s business world it is impossible to survive without communication services and that is what Tigo Business is committed to providing; end-to-end, affordable, customized solutions for every business,” he continued.

Their products and services include fixed portfolio, mobile and advanced services. More specifically these include dedicated internet, leased line (national and international), WAN packages, SIP trunking, ISDN pricing, global IP services, VPN over mobile and cloud computing.

These products are crafted to help businesses increase their market size by taking their business online, widening payment options and giving them the agility to differentiate on customer experience as well as increase staff productivity.

Commenting further, Mr. Essien elaborated on Tigo Business’ readiness and commitment by saying: “We’re throwing out an open invitation to all SMEs and corporate institutions to sign up for our range of fixed portfolio services to assist in unlocking new opportunities. We are well equipped with the best technical and customer experience personnel in the industry to ensure all our customers become agile and well prepared to make the most of new and existing opportunities.”

Mr. Essien said Tigo had invested in a brand new Data Centre worth $5.1m at its head office in Accra with a high capacity to support business with data recovery sites, servers, rack spaces, backup systems and many other services to meet the ICT needs of businesses.

The company also has several hundreds of thousands of kilometers of fibre network underlying the country’s golden triangle which holds enormous resources businesses can tap into.


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