Destination weddings have become very popular recently as people are more apt to have their weddings abroad. Having a wedding in another country is exotic and often entails a much more beautiful scenery than a couple could get in their home country. There are so many beautiful places a couple can choose to marry. Turkey has always been one of the most popular places for weddings.

Turkey is one of the most beautiful countries to get married in. Couples often think of exotic places like the Caribbean and or Spain when deciding where to get married. Most have no clue that Turkey contains some of the most gorgeous scenery. With the blue water and the palm trees, a couple can still have their beach side wedding in Turkey. Mixed in with the beautiful surroundings is this European architecture.

The old world architecture adds a more traditional style to a contemporary wedding so a couple gets a little of both.

Turkey weddings traditionally have a henna ceremony the night before the wedding. These are some of the most beautiful traditions as mud is poured over the hands and covered. They also tend to have tons of food at the wedding. The different foods are great to incorporate into the wedding, giving it a more exotic feel to the whole celebration.

Most couples choose to have their weddings in Turkey due to the relatively low cost of the destination. Turkey is only about four hours from the UK making it easier to access when trying to plan for the wedding. There are many weddings abroad packages that make having a destination wedding more affordable. These packages offer assistance when planning the wedding, so that this stress is taken off the couple and they can enjoy the event better.

Choosing to have the wedding in another country can make the event more intimate.

Not all guests who would have attended an event in the home town of the couple could make it to another country. Only the couple’s closest family and friends would be able to attend making the celebration more special. That means the couple can party and dance the night away with their guests and not worry about all the distractions of a big crowd.

Another great reason couples love to get married in Turkey is due to the lower costs of staying in Turkey. This makes honeymooning in Turkey a great feature after the wedding. The couple does not need to fly to a separate location as they explore everything Turkey has to offer. Turkey has so many great features to make it a top destination for couples in the UK to celebrate their wedding and honeymoon.

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