The group, spearheaded by Henry Kwao, under Evrit Films Ltd, has started premiering in UK cinemas some of African’s latest and best movies—with their first successful premiere having been Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s REBECCA, which took place in London on 22 January, 2016.


With African film industry producing more than 50 movies a week, second only to India’s Bollywood and more than America’s Hollywood, the group’s dream is to bring the vibrant and entertaining African film scene to UK film lovers.

The growth of African films in the UK will not only create jobs but will support economic growth across the two continents as the demand for African films grows.

Explaining what the Ticket4Show.Com’s buzz is all about, Henry Kwao of Evrit Films said;

“UK is one of the most diverse countries in the world with a strong African community. Over the years, UK has had access to the vibrancy and excitement of the African culture—mostly through paid events.

Evrit Films Ltd is stepping in to change things, by bringing some of the most exciting African movies to the African and non African communities in the UK for less or nothing, supported by brand sponsorships.”

To achieve this, Henry added “ Evrit Films Ltd will team up with various African film-makers to host and organise exclusive film premiers in the UK—thereby connecting Africa’s biggest stars, movie directors and producers to British audience.

Tickets for the exclusive premieres to be organised by Evrit Films will be given out to film fans who have registered at .

It’s a rush so register now to win a ticket for Ticket4Show’s first movie premiere which will be announced soon.


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