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A massive attack drama is folding in the Eastern Regional NDC Pro Groups between the National Chairman Dr. Kwabena Adjei boys, called itself ?Kwabena Adjei For Continuity? KAFCO and Mr. Kofi Portuphy boys called itself Eastern For Portuphy, EFOP, which is rendering attacks on both groups by descending on each other.

wpid-kwabenaadjei.jpgKofi PortupheyMr. Portuphy boys quite a while issued a press statement by warning Dr. Kwabena Adjei for making some comments been published on Ghanaweb, which EFOP describe it?s to be an ?undemocratic? which they order the Council of Elders and the National Executive Committee of the Party to query the National Chairman.
Dr. Kwabena Adjei boys have also thrown a challenge to the Portuphy Boys to come out with the much credibility of Mr. Portuphy as he wants to be the next leader of the party, or the necessary proved they have about Dr. Kwabena Adjei before referring him as incompetent leader.
The Pro NDC group ?Kwabena Adjei For Continuity? KAFCO which comprises of 280 members, with 14 executive stated in a press statement issued and signed by the Group Coordinator, Mr. Jude Teye emphatically that; Dr. Kwabena Adjei is a very democratic man, a unifier, a real gentleman, hardworking, respectful, a team player, and very dedicated to the party who has lead the NDC to win two difficult elections.
According to the statement, the NDC will no longer entertain any group of persons or individuals who would want to create any divisions of factions in the party, which they therefore wish to point it out that, if there are issues of concerns or matters bothering any member of the party, there are appropriates channels to address it but on a media platform with unnecessary allegations, as stated.
?Having read through the press statement issued on Wednesday, 11th December, 2013 on Ghanaweb by a group of NDC members from the Eastern Region by name? Eastern For Portuphy? led by Mr. Richard Etornam, making comments about National Chairman, even if it?s true that Dr. Adjei did make such a statement, we think that he was only expressing his optimism of winning the Chairmanship slot again in the forthcoming National Delegates Congress and cannot be described as being ?undemocratic?.
?Though we do appreciate the fact that the party?s constitution hails and believes in democracy by allowing views and suggestions from every member of the party, we must however not lose sight of the fact that we always have to be guided by good conscience in the choice of words in the description of great personalities and leading members of our party like Dr. Kwabena Adjei?, as the statement stated.
The statement further possess that; ?just yesterday,?myjoyonline.com?published published an article captioned ?Ghanaians are lazy? and attributed it to Dr. Kwabena Adjei, reading through the whole story and statement purported to have been made by him, there is no Correlation to the headline. We think this is a deliberate attempt by some people to run him down, we therefore pray those behind such an act to stop it because reputation built over years should be pulled down on the altar of political expediency particularly in the party.
The group therefore sends a caution warning to those behind the scene by assassination the character of Dr. Kwabena Adjei to desist from it with immediate effect, and adding that, all those statement attributed to the NDC Chairman are totally false and should be disregarded by the good and discerning people of Ghana, as stated.
The group subsequently appealed to NDC sympathizers to reject the utterance of the Eastern For Portuphy group and prepare assiduously towards the national congress next year.




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