If you travel to New Zealand, you can not only enjoy the beautiful environment and participate in a variety of stimulating activities, but also should obey some New Zealand style silly things. Are you interested in these special cultures in New Zealand?

1. Make way for Ducks
New Zealand animals are protected by the law. Animals care has become the conscious actions of people. New Zealand has many lakes, streams and creeks, which are the good places for duck. The New Zealand Government well prescribed that people can only kill duck in one week each year and the hunters must have a gun license, otherwise it is illegal. Because of the strict rules, you can see ducks everywhere in New Zealand. Usually you can see a crowd of wild ducks walking across the road. At this time, all vehicles should stop and make way for those ducks. It may be the first trip and they are obviously very excited. Although they walk askew, they keep not leaving behind as far as possible.

2. Release the catched fish back into water
Walking at the streets of New Zealand, there is no dust, no billowing smoke, so you will feel that the sky is especially blue, the grass is particularly green, the flowers are particularly bright and the air is particularly fresh. Oakland is a shipping center which has a lot of ships. But you won’t see any debris in the water, even for a little bit of oil pollution. The fish in the water and the underwater coral are clearly visible. If you go fishing there, you will have a big harvest. But for the small fish, you can’t catch. Even if it is catched, people will automatically release it back into the water.

This is a new rule prescribed by New Zealand Government and all people consciously abide by it.

3. See “fart tax”
Have you heard that the tax for farting of cattle and sheep? New Zealand has this rule. New Zealand has over 2500 hours of annual sunshine time and it almost has no pollution which is full of green lawn. Nevertheless, the New Zealand government still decided that farmers should pay tax for the livestock in order to control the air pollution. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations published a report recently which said that the farming industry has a great influence on the global climate warming. The report pointed out that a cow annually will excrete nine kilograms of pollutants which is more serious than the pollution of a small car. Therefore, the “fart tax” is reasonable. Walking in to the fresh farmland in New Zealand, I hope you can smile when you think of the “fart tax” and understand the spirit of environment production in New Zealand.

I guess when you see these funny moments, you may want to record them in your DV. Yes. When you understand the spirit of environment production in New Zealand, you can record it and tell your friends that how New Zealand people do to protect their homeland. For the recorded video, if you want to import it into Apple products, you can try the best mpg to mov converter and convert mpg to mov mac at ease.

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