Piracy is the biggest nemesis to the growth of the creative industry in the whole world but most especially in Africa, Ghana for that matter, where there are virtually no stringent laws and its enforcements to succour the plights of people in the arts and entertainment industry.

In Ghana, most of the unscrupulous people who pirate intellectual properties are either stark illiterates or semi-literates. Recently, the issue of piracy has caught attention for discussion on various Ghanaian mass media- television, radio, print and websites

Three (3) young men, in fact pirates, who think piracy is rather a good thing and have heard that the musicians association of Ghana (MUSIGA) is registering people whose works directly or indirectly affects music, called on the office of MUSIGA. When asked for their mission, they said; ?WE?VE COME TO REGISTER OURSELVES WITH MUSIGA AS PROFESSIONAL PIRATES.?

Out of dismay, the secretary at MUSIGA together with our reporter asked them what they understand by piracy and they were all dumbfounded. The wisest of them said; ?I heard MUSIGA is calling on people whose works affects the music industry should register with them. When listening to the announcement, the word piracy flashed into my ears so as someone whose works affects music POSITIVELY since I help in the sale of MILLIONS of movie and music CDs, I thought it WISE to come with my friends whom we?ve all done this job for the past 10 YEARS; to register so we can also ENJOY THE BENEFITS MUSIGA offers.?

Clap for him???Papapapapapapa!!!!!! The officer at MUSIGA, who could not hold her jaws, burst into laughter and called them into one of their offices. Sinceour reporter who had also gone there to register with MUSIGA was not allowed to enter the same office, we are unable to tell what happened afterwards. Nonetheless, we shall be putting our ears on the grounds of MUSIGA and should any new development to this story come out, we shall fill you in.

In the meantime, some pirates have been arrested, charged and found guilty. They are to serve 2 years in prison with hard labour. Piracy is an offence enshrined in Ghana?s criminal and civil laws.

Reading this story, what comes into your head? Will you call them the 3 wise men or the 3 proud fools? If you were the officer at MUSIGA, what would you have done? Do they deserve to be punished by the law? We hope you control your bucal cavity so you don?t hurt your ribs with laughter.

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