Fuel prices

The Deputy Minister of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovations, Dr Benice Adeku Heloo had ordered the closure of two fuel filling stations.

fuelShe has also ordered another fuel filling station and a gas station to institute corrective measures at their premises for inspection by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

The facilities that were closed down include Fraga Oil Fuel and Gas Station at Adweso, near the Koforidua Sports Stadium and the Goil Filling Station at Charlie Junction, also in Koforidua.

The Minister was on a two day working visit to the Eastern Region to acquaint herself with how fuel stations and mining companies in the region are complying with EPA regulations, to ensure public safety.

The management of the Fraga Oil petrol and gas filling station was ordered to rehabilitate the shower for managing the temperature and pressure of the gas tanks, clear the weeds at the filling station and have the main gutter running under the facility desilted.

The Goil filling station was closed down for operating without an EPA permit as well as the poor environmental condition of the place.

The Minister ordered the management of Total Two Fuel Filling Station to provide modern facilities for easy monitoring of leakages on the underground fuel tanks and to raise the height of their fence wall.

Mambah Gas Fuel Station was given a week to rehabilitate the shower for the gas tanks.

Speaking to the press after the inspection, Dr Heloo observed that, it is not only the duty of a Minister to go round enforcing the law but the responsibility of the whole citizenry, to ensure that people comply with regulations for public safety and good health.

She said, her main reason for the tour was to find out if people were complying with the EPA regulations and to take the opportunity to educate the management of the fuel stations.

The Deputy Eastern Regional Minister, Ms Mavis Ama Frimpong called on people, who invest in fuel filling stations, to ensure that their managers are properly trained to ensure public safety.

She assured that, the Regional Coordinating Council would follow up with officials of the EPA to ensure that all fuel filling stations in the region comply with the EPA regulations.


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