Governor of Bakol region Mohamed Mo’alim told Xinhua by phone that Somali Army conducted the security operation to flush out terrorists after being informed of the militants had planted a landmine there.

Livestock thieves arrested
“Somali National Army conducted successful operation here in Garasweyne near Hudur town. They have captured three Al-Shabaab militants who were behind landmines hid in the area. They will get what deserve and will get justice,” the governor said.

He said the SNA foiled the terrorist attack and recovered mobile phone and remote control devices in which the insurgents wanted to blow up,” Mo’alim said.

The Al-Qaida linked group has been chased away from Bakol region three years ago. Al-Shabaab has been facing a major onslaught from the Somali security forces backed by the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) troops.

Kenyan soldiers have killed more than 50 militants in the past week in different shoot-out incidences in southern Somalia. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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