Management of Food for All Africa programme and MaxMart Family Shopping centre have revealed that the second edition of the MaxMart Ramadan Token project is aimed at supporting three thousand children, aged and mentally challenged beneficiaries  from ten orphanages and vulnerable communities within  the Volta, Central and  Northern regions of Ghana.

The Ramadan Kareem token project is a community food and funds mobilization program inspired by the Holy Quran chapter76:8-9 “The righteous are those who give food in spite of love for it to the needy, the orphan and the captive saying we feed you for the sake of Allah alone. We seek from you neither reward nor thanks.”

During the month of Ramadan a lot of food goes waste along the supply chain as a result of  people buying  a lot of food to break their fast, at the same time the vulnerable in society are limited with food supply. In finding lasting solution towards bridging the gap between plenty and scarce in society during Ramadan we initiated Ramadan Kareem in 2016.

In 2016, our partnership with MaxMart Family shopping centre, helped in raising GH¢1,350.20 cash and GH¢12,500.00 worth of food products to support 2,085 vulnerable children, aged and disabled in James Town orphanage, Nima Central mosque, Osu Children’s home, Abossey Okai Central mosque and two other vulnerable communities. This support enabled beneficiaries to have a means of nutrition during the Ramadan period.

In line with improving the program to create sustainable means of nutrition for beneficiaries.The 2017 edition of the Ramadan Kareem token project is design as a token program where the public buys a GH¢10.00 token and drops it into a donation box at branches of MaxMart Family shopping centre.  The public can also support the project by calling the following hotlines to donate cash and food. Tel:0247223821/0270322074/0302720798/0244020000 or [email protected]/

Food for All Africa programme operates West Africa’s first community food support centre in Ghana by creating efficiency and sustainable means of nutrition for the vulnerable in society through food recovery, redistribution,farming and forum for stakeholders within the food supply chain. Food for All is recognized by the Dubai International Award for Best practices as one of the 100 Best practices to end food waste and hunger in Africa.

Food for All Africa programme