The Informer has never had any respect for a large section of our legal society; especially after Kufuor took over the reins of Government, and from the look of things, we may NEVER have an iota of respect for that section of the legal fraternity.

It is common knowledge that even though the justice system has always been rotten, it was under the watch of Kufuor that Ghana’s legal system found itself in the abyss of, corruption, rot and stench.

Just because he wanted to cover up his thieving and looting tracks, John Kofi Diawuo Ataa Ayi Kufuor succeeded in destroying the moral fibre of Ghana’s justice system.

Indeed, it was under the watch of Kufuor that so many morons mushroomed into lawyers through the backdoor of the Ghana Law School.
Morons who cannot reason beyond the level of infants are all walking around claiming to be lawyers, because, under the watch of Kufuor, the Ghana Law School became a place for “kokofu ball”, where NPP apparatchiks were given law certificates without passing their exams.
In so doing, Kufuor did not only produce mushroom lawyers, but more wickedly, packed the courts with his cronies so they could do his bidding.
Infants like Justice Dotse, Anim-Yeboa, and Baffoe Bonnie, found themselves at the Supreme Court, when they were not even fit to be Appeal Court judges.
Last week, certain justices of the Supreme Court of Ghana poured tons of ignominy on themselves, per their ruling in the matter of Jake Otanka Obetsebi Lamptey, fraudulently, illegally, and immorally acquiring a state bungalow he was occupying while he was a Minister of State.
Honestly, was Justice Brobbey listening to himself when reading the judgment?
Does Justice Brobbey think he made sense with his extremely watery line of argument?
How on earth can Justice Brobbey liken the use of state land to build the Conference Center cum Rawlings Park, to Jake’s immoral acquisition of state land to build his private estate for rental?

State land was used to build the Conference Center and the property remains that of the state, with revenue accruing to the state.
State land was used to build the Rawlings Park and it remains the property of the state, with revenue accruing to the state.
A looter like Jake loots state land and was going to build a private property and rent out for millions of dollars for himself, and Justice Brobbey says that such an immoral move was in the public interest? Gee!!!
Where were Justice Brobbey’s brains when he was talking as if he was suffering from some rare form of mental illness?
After so many years of illustrious service and imparting knowledge to students, is this how Justice Brobbey has chosen to retire disgracefully from public service?

How much money “koraaa” did Kufuor give to these judges such that they have buried their, body, soul, and spirit, inside the rectum of the elephant?
Is Justice Brobbey saying that he has left a good image on the mind of right-thinking Ghanaians?
For us on The Informer, we will not mince our words; as far as we are concerned; in fact, Justice Brobbey has made a complete ass of himself.
Indeed, the incongruity in Justice Brobbey’s submission was what pans him out as an ass.
It is pretty obvious that it is because of people like Justice Brobbey that the phrase “the law is an ass” was coined.
Because if the law was not ass, asses like Justice Brobbey will not be able to ride on it.
Justice Brobbey is a big disgrace to himself and his family and he must bow down his head in shame.
When Justice Brobbey stepped into law school for the first time, was he not taught that ‘behind every written law, is, the spirit behind the law’?
In his jurisprudence class, was Justice Brobbey not taught that there is the moral aspect of the law?
When it is said that “justice resides in the bosom of the judge”, is it not because the judge is supposed to apply the spirit and moral aspect to the technical arguments before delivering judgment?
Thanks to 8 years of Kufuor’s immoral administration, there is no longer the spirit and moral aspect of the law.
Today, the courts are no longer talking law; they are talking NPP politics.
Judges sit in the open and swear that there is no way the NDC will win any case in court.
Judges attend NPP meetings and strategise how to ditch the NDC in court.
Judges look at the faces of certain lawyers and plaintiffs and decide that the case will go against them.
That is how low our justice system has sunk.
The Informer is not asking for it; but will it be wrong if in the future (God forbid), some military adventurers seize power and tie judges to the stakes?
If a few people can wear funny wigs and funny gowns and throw morality to the dogs, why should they not be tied to the stakes in the unlikely event that military adventurers take over the reins of power?
Why should we allow a close sect of wig-wearers and gown-wearers to destroy the moral fibre of our society?
Why should a few elitist NPP judges be allowed to turn this country on its head?
The Informer is very proud of His Excellency President Atta Mills and his Cabinet, for taking the very bold decision not to sell the property to Jake.
To hell with the decision of Justices Brobbey, Rose Owusu and co;
Indeed, if Justices Brobbey, Rose Owusu and co feel that they have been slighted by the Cabinet decision, they should take the Government to court.

What kind of nonsense is this?
The Cabinet; which is the highest decision making body in the land has spoken and if Justice Brobbey, Rose Owusu and co don’t like it, they can go to hell and rot there.
We are sick and tired of all this “rule of law” bullshit.
Just because President Atta Mills has decided to respect due process, a few NPP crooks masquerading as judges, are taking the President for granted.

The President has decided to call the bluff of those NPP judges and that is a mark of strength.
The Government was voted into power to protect the interest of the nation, and that is exactly what President Atta Mills has done; protect a state asset and not allow one greedy certificateless Mulatto to loot and plunder the nation’s asset.

President Atta Mills promised to CHANGE the style of governance and build a BETTER GHANA, and that is exactly what he is doing.
His Excellency President Atta Mills, please continue with your good work because majority of Ghanaians are proud of you.
As for the few NPP apparatchiks, thieves, rogues, brigands, liars (lawyers), who are not happy with the President because he is staying on the straight and narrow, they can go to hell!!!

This country has moved from the dark days of Kufuor into the bright days of Atta Mills, and no small sect of NPP judges and NPP media scoundrels will be allowed to derail the Better Ghana Agenda.
Government has decided not to sell the property to Jake; PERIOD!!!!!


Source:  The Informer


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