One of Africa?s biggest vocal coaches ?Freeman Ame? has spent most of his life contributing to the development of music, and to many top musicians in Africa and globally. Freeman has an enviable track record as a voice coach with influence reaching Asia and beyond.

He is also an accomplished musician, and known to have an amazing voice with an uncanny ability to inspire people and move them emotionally with his style. Any of his vocal students will quickly tell you that as well as his fans.

Instead of making music that would get him on the popular chart, Freeman has released a new song titled ?Wondering? which is meant to draw the attention of all of us to the consequences of our actions or inactions as it were, if we allow things to keep spiraling the way they?re going.

The release of the ?wondering? song is accompanied with an intriguing music video that contains moving footages of crisis and disasters that have occurred in many parts of the world. Hopefully, this will jolt us all back into reality to see things as they really are, and begin to do something.

In the song Freeman wonders what?s wrong with all mankind, and worries that the carnage may not end cos? we all seem to be contributing and don?t even seem to care. His most touching words in the song include the lines:

?I?m crying for the mothers? who have lost their son?s to drugs, I?m crying for the family who?s Papa will die today, I?m crying for the Nation that elects another fool, I?m crying for the World cos? we really did this to ourselves?.

Freeman however affirms his faith in Humanity by stating that he believes we can change & that it starts with our individual decision to change our attitude.

If there was ever a song needed for times like these, this is the song. It forces us to abandon our petty squabbles of racism & tribalism and makes us all realize that we?re all one regardless where we?re from or the color of our skin.

We pray that the United Nations and all other relevant organizations will hear & respond positively to this song & help spread this message with Freeman & who knows, perhaps they could begin to send musicians like Freeman to places where they?ve been sending Soldiers and maybe, just maybe.. The end results will be different.

Listen, watch, and appreciate..


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