The Daily Dispatch newspaper has started a series of researches in 40% of the constituencies, which make up 70% of voters culminating in opinion polls towards the 2012 Presidential and Parliamentary elections.
One of the greatest fears of many Ghanaians is the possibility of some persons disrupting voting on elections day or days in December, 2012.
One possibility is that losing parliamentary candidates in some constituencies may decide to hire the services of ‘machomen’ to steal ballot boxes or biometric devices on election day to disrupt voting. In the event of voting being disrupted in one polling station in a constituency, results cannot be declared in that particular constituency.
The Daily Dispatch has been talking to a number of lawyers and they believe that the security agencies can use reasonable force to prevent person from stealing ballot boxes or biometric devices on elections. Such reasonable force can include such thieves being shot in the legs to immobilize them.
For those ‘machomen’ who may be hired to commit these crime, they should bear in mind that there is the possibility of being shot in the more fatal areas when attempts are being made to shoot them in the legs. A word to the wise…


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